Tuesday, August 5, 2008

From "Narratives of the Perverse," opening at Jancar Gallery in Los Angeles, August 9th. The show runs through August 30th.

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summer loving
August 12, 2008 2:02 pm

Come August, summer’s early sensuality turns into a Cole Porter chorus of “I ain’t up to my baby tonight, ’cause it’s too darn hot.” Happily, L.A.’s Jancar Gallery offers an antidote to humidity-induced apathy with “Narratives of the Perverse: No One Under 18.” The show’s ten participating artists offer up erotic paintings and drawings, including scenes from Ignacio Noe’s graphic novels, Sherie’ Franssen’s Cecily Brown-inspired abstractions laced with saucy sex scenes, and Amanda Church’s pornographic paintings, brilliantly disguised as benign colorful shapes. Roger Herman even sexes up his charmingly wonky ceramic bowls and mugs with images of limber young ladies in unladylike poses. And Katina Huston’s doodle line drawing looks dirty, too, though you can’t quite say why. But maybe that’s just the heat getting to your head.
—Ana Finel Hongiman
Photo: Katina Huston, “Cells Emerging,” courtesy of Jancar Gallery
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